Frequently Asked Questions


What Is A Betting Bank

This is one of the most important aspects of joining a tipping service. We advise a bank of 100 points to get you through at least one month.

To work out your stake per point, it is really easy. If you have a budget of £200 then you would be on £2 per point. Eg a stake of 1pt EW would mean you are staking £4 in total.


How and When Will I Receive Selections

Selections will be emailed either on the night or early morning. They will also be sent in our telegram group which will also be used to post any last minute fancies or info.


How Do I Get In Contact

The best way to get in touch is to email [email protected]. I will aim to reply within 48hrs


How Did You Get Into Horse Racing

It was a combinition of my Dad and Grandad. My Grandad used to take me  to the northern tracks,  Hexham being my favourite, and playing very small lucky 15’s with my old man. This then progressed as I got the bug for all things horse racing. I used to love getting up early, when i was around 16/18, waiting for the horse racing pull out and studying the form. 

Now i am a full blown fanatic of this wonderful sport.


Proudest Moment In Horse Racing

Not ashamed to say I come from a working class background. So to accomplish a dream in owning my own racehorse and winning in my own silks has to be a proud moment.

The horse in question was a cheaply bought horse called Mister Hendre. Had issues and I had to wait for his final run for him to get off the mark. What a feeling that was, he was injured after and had to retire. Written in the stars